Monday, January 14, 2013

So today in class our teacher showed us a movie called "In Between the Folds", which I thought was pretty interesting. It was about these people who have dedicated their lives to the art of origami, which if you don't know, is taking paper and folding it into something real without the use of tape or glue or scissors. Just your hands and the paper. It's truly beautiful. Many people would laugh it off and say that it isn't something worth spending your time on, but really it is fun, and amazing. Because you turn a simple piece of paper into a complicated work of art. I loved the video. It really opened my eyes to the world of origami, and I even started learning some origami this weekend. I learned the simple "crane" in class, but I did some research and learned how to create a frog, too. I love origami. It truly is an amazing type of art.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Drawings

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My video :D

I love this girl. <3
Me and Faith.

My video :D

My Drawings
Today is Halloween! :D
Halloween at our school was a little weird, what with all the interesting and creative costumes. But I think my favorite costume I've seen today was an "Edward Scissorhands" costume! It was AMAZING! The facepaint was perfect too :)
Anyways, I just came in my Yukata and my japanese sandals. C:
My best friend, Jonell Williams, came as Finn the Human from Adventure Time! :D
Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is me. Who am I? I am fourteen. Happy most of the time, sad the rest. I rarely get angry or whatever. My story.... is complicated.
I lived most of my life without a father. I had a father figure, just no daddy. For six years I lived with the most amazing Dad anyone can have. I still remember laying on his chest on the couch and watching Looney Toons and Nickelodeon. But... when I was three my mom got into a huge fight with him, so we left. I lived in Arkansas for a couple of months, then moved back to Texas. Life was complicated without my Daddy, we had less money and no house. But when we moved to Arkansas, my mom's boyfriend let us live with him (us being me and my sister and my mom). 
March 23rd, 2004, after school, I went to my grandma's house. They told me something horrible. They said something happened to Daddy. "My Daddy's fine,' I would say. "He's big and strong and can handle anything." I said that to everything they tried to tell me. And for a week I didn't believe them. I went on with my life, and soon, I had to go to a meeting outside and I had to wear a black dress. I didn't know why! There were other kids there dressed the same, and I played with them. When we left my mommy was crying, so I put my arms around her and said "Everything's gonna be all right, mommy. I'm here to protect you."
It wasn't until two weeks later, when it was time for me to visit my daddy, did I start to hate this joke they were playing on me. That weekend was the weekend I was supposed to spend eating icecream and watching cartoons and going ice skating with my dad. He promised we'd go ice skating. But they wouldn't let me go to daddy's house. They said Daddy was gone. He had "passed away". I didn't know what "passed away" meant, so I got angry and said "He's not gone! He would never leave me, he's my Daddy!" 
Weeks passed, and April 4th came. Daddy didn't show up for my seventh birthday. "Where's Daddy?" I asked my mother. 
"Daddy died, sweetie." 
"No, you're lying to me, he's too strong!!!"
I cried every day since then. 
I never knew what happened to my daddy, until I turned 9. I finally believed them. My dad was gone.